Chelation Therapy

The air, water and soil are contaminated with heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, tin, beryllium, antimony, bismuth, thallium, tin and nickel. As these agents accumulate in your body, they can cause heart conditions prevent or inhibit weight loss by interfering with the body’s normal production of hormones and can cause many other chronic conditions, especially of Nervous system. Fortunately, there are urine and blood test that will definitely diagnose the toxicity of these heavy metals.

We, in our office, perform a heavy metal challenge, using a single dose of DMSA, an oral medication that acts as a metal chelator. The DMSA bonds with heavy metals so the kidneys can excrete them. If metals show up in urine collected over the next six hours, chelation will be prescribed as a safe way to remove them.

The Effect of Heavy Metals on The Body

Mercury is extremely toxic. Because mercury contaminates our water supply and the oceans, large amounts are found in fish, such as tuna, seabass, mackerel, shark and swordfish.

Mercury is also present in cosmetics, fabric softeners, plastics, solvents and more importantly in silver amalgam dental fillings, which are 50-percent mercury. A single silver filling can release 3 to 17 micrograms of mercury each day. (Note: You should not have your silver fillings removed without consulting an integrative or holistic dental practitioner. If removed without the proper technique, the mercury vapor released combines with chemicals in the mouth to create minute amounts of toxic methyl mercury.)

Chezone therapy uses chelation together with ozone. It has proven to greatly enhance the already well documented efficacy of Chelation Therapy. Chelation Therapy improves circulation, enabling more oxygen to reach the cells. Ozone therapy enables the cells to use the oxygen that is being delivered with a much higher level of efficiency. These two modalities are truly synergistic, and the results of either are greatly increased when they are administered together. For this reason, in most clinical situations, we prefer Chezone treatments over Chelation therapy alone.

Heart Disease

No, Cholesterol is not the whole story! INFLAMMATION, abnormal or excessive, attacks and damages the delicate inner lining of our arteries, resulting in scarring, thickening, and blood clots. Cholesterol is used by the body in an attempt to cover over and heal these damaged areas. Many nutrients have been shown to be beneficial in minimizing cardiovascular disease. They must – like all treatments, be used in the appropriate doses, along with other life style factors. Heart disease has been scientifically proven to be reversible!

What we: We do blood tests that measure all the lipid levels of LDL’s (bad) and HDL’s (good) cholesterol, more than 12 lipid levels in all. Most traditional blood testing measures only two or three cholesterol levels, which gives a limited picture of your risk. We also examine your homocysteine levels, antioxidants and risk factors in your system. In this way we can determine your bodies nutritional and vitamin needs. In addition, we examine your lifestyle and measure your body composition to help you create a personalized lifestyle program that is realistic and fits into your daily routine to keep you well.

Chelation Therapy has many uses. One of them is for effective treatment of heart disease. It is an intravenous treatment using a solution containing minerals, vitamins, and a special amino acid called EDTA. It is a highly effective therapy used to treat angina, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, heavy metal toxicity, and hypertension. Chezone therapy consists of a combination of Chelation Therapy and Ozone Therapy.

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